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KVFD Volunteer Members


Rescue Chief - Doug Downs
Asst. Rescue - Ron Hall
Secretary - Chris Becker
Treasurer - Bill Tansey
Chaplain - Doug Downs

Chief - Stephen "Rusty" Hall
Asst. Chief - Ian Hall
2nd Asst. - Patrick Odell
3rd Asst. - Ryan Hall
Fire Police Captain - Robert Hudson


Stephen “Rusty” Hall (EMT)
Robert “Wayne” Hudson
Ron Konowitz
Patrick Odell (Wilderness Rescue Coordinator)
Erin Pelkey
Greg Pelkey (Safety Officer)
Grace Sturges
Mark Sturges
Bill Tansey

Chris Becker
Mike Buysse
Mike Carr
Sherwin Dick
Doug Downs (AEMTI)
Milton Dudley (AEMTI)
TJ Garcia
Ian Hall (EMT)
Ron Hall (AEMTCC)
Ryan Hall (EMT)

AUXILIARY/Secondary support

Dawn Ormsby
Erin Pelkey
Stephani Tansey

Heather Dezalia
Jodi Downs
Kelly Hall
Linda Hudson

Student Members

Skyler Coffin

Hunter Buysse

Associate Members

Howard Glass

John Dezalia
Matt Dumas


Bill Tansey
Wayne Hudson
Dawn Ormsby (Secretary, Treasurer)

John Dezalia
Greg Pelkey
Dan Sheldon

Board of Directors

Mike Carr
Ron Konowitz
Greg Pelkey

Matt Dumas (Chairman)
Chris Becker
Mike Buysse

Considering becoming a member?

We have volunteer opportunities in all capacities. Being a member of a volunteer fire department does not mean you have to be on the front line. There are many support functions that our members fill. We provide the training, you provide the dedication!